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Cherokee Prophecy - chief of the tribe of days

It is a prophecy that the Cherokee is the leader of the tribe of Native Americans in the last few days. How can it be? The Cherokee is one many tribes of Indians in North America, so that they so special?
It was a very wise Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper, John Red Hat Duke, who has taught the spiritual path of the high Keetoowah, the red path. The Keetoowah are religious or spiritual part of the Cherokee.

The clan elder John Red Hat with long hair in a ceremony as the spiritual leader. He was a Cherokee grandfather in the people. A grandfather is one of the Cherokee nation held in high esteem. The chiefs asked him and elders from other people on the spiritual and traditional forms of Cherokee decent.
The elder John Red Hats was a brilliant man who spoke nine languages. The concept of Eastern philosophy, and Rabbi Joseph Jasin, Professor Jew studying very intelligent. The foundation of faith Elder Red Hat is focused on the Torah and the Cherokee White Way.

He has spent years working his deep spiritual knowledge to share with others, but also his teaching with his companion, Dorothy K. Daigle shares (Dottie). He taught spiritual truths Keetoowah forefathers and what they tell us the red path. Lessons foam walk the red path is contained in the book about Red Hat

Well, how can we, the leaders of the Cherokee tribe in the last few days.

Dottie believes that both the red road Where the Keetoowah Cherokee spiritual path as taught by the elder John Red Hat, which will increase to the Cherokee chief of the tribe in recent days. She believes that the prophecy of Ezekiel 37:19, where the creator has promised to unite the people of Judah and the house of Joseph, will take on the bridge that connects the Torah with the red path. He also believes that the red track is the new religion of the Hopi people is predicted before the time of great purification and the spiritual path is to be welcomed the way to purify the Hopi red power of the people!

Red Hat earlier died in December 2003, but his teachings and live together in two books, says Red Hat, and the wisdom of Red Hat, by Dorothy K. Daigle. Cherokee taught dorothy greater wisdom and goalkeeper Jean Duke of Red Hat more than 10 years on the spiritual truths Keetoowah. Learn the Hopi prophecy Pahan, and they, along with Dr. Robertson made numerous visits to the Hopi from Oraibi. To the left with the legend of the Hopi Pahan.
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